Ambitious but nothing seems to progress sometimes. A lot tend to be little nerds and have a lot of interesting interests. If you are interested in synastry, you can also check Pluto in Partner's House and Pluto Aspects in Synastry. - COMPOSITE: Pluto in 4th house. You are brought here to learn to see things from a different perspective as well. Natives with Juno in 5th are likely to have a very high-spirited spouse, their spouse are likely very spontaneous as well as incredibly loving. (They are like home). If you have an aquarius chiron Im gonna assume you have never found friends that let you be weird. Everyone thought they were so fucking weird yet they were so likeble. When it comes to the longevity of a relationship : get over yourself. Adding onto Sagittarius placements is that they have very good learning ethics. Jealousy issues play out. That one person who already knew the culprit of crime shows? You were brought here with psychic abilities as well as being empathetic & creative. Venus in 2nd in the composite chart may make the individuals be highly interested in living together in somewhere especially aesthetically pleasing. Astarte in Gemini / 3rd house: Astarte in the 3rd house will make someone have a very dominant and appealing way with words and they tend to have a very fixed mind. They are, but deep inside, they're just craving to have a soulmate who can understand them. Ages; (18, 30, 42, 54, 66) (Post on this here). Cancer Venuses way of loving is making you feel safe and secure. But with Pluto- there is always a dark side. You commonly find people trying to spread rumors about Pisces placements. 18 degrees make someone extremely sharp-witted and intelligent. So many pisces placements get into online / long distance relationships. When youre in your 7th house profection year youre likely to attract more suitors! Look at what is in your 7th house to see how they may appear. Unconscious instinctual actions are in . Composite 12th house in Virgo= Parties are both very critical of each other. When vengeful they are not scared of exposing people who need exposing and tend to use their reputation as an advantage and people tend to be intimidated by their power over people. Posts: 3887 From: Registered: Jul 2011: posted August 16, 2012 06:36 AM . Jupiter in 12th= This doesnt bring much issues. Libra placements especially the Moon are very artistic and creative people, they have very pleasing thoughts they could put into work and can be liked because of this. : *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:: *:* *:*:. Mother may be very quick and intelligent but also may have a family who was very quick to snap back at things. (Observation). But there is an air of knowledge about them and a youthful aura you cant get enough of. They tend to have advantages when it comes to dealing with enemies / bad things because of their sense of organization and they tend to have their eye out often and notice every little thing and tend to be very resourceful. Spirit in Aquarius: Modernly ruled by Uranus, your spirit is quite different and unpredictable. Also an og, I dont see them much on my dash but I loved their content. Will give off a venusian vibe more. A relationship with composite Pluto in 8th has the potential to become a powerhouse. Spirit in Capricorn: With the ruler being in Saturn having spirit in Capricorn can mean that you are brought down to this earth to balance out karma especially. People with Rahu in 1st have a very beautiful physical beauty to them. They often need reassurance and thats completely fine. Good mix of astro and tarot tips. Natives with Juno in the 12th house may have a past-life connection with their spouse or may have a connection that feels like Ive known you before.. They tend to have very appealing body / face structure. Leo placements love protecting their loved ones (Especially Mars) no one touch my babies mess with them Ill kill you having their loyalty is soo lucky. They tend to attract a lot of people are jealous of them but they may not be aware of it too easily. These people may win on having the last say on things. they love having things that represent them a lot! They tend to be very kind individuals and are never afraid of landing a hand to someone that needs it and people may try to take advantage of their kindness / humanitarian nature. Idk where I would be without them, Great blogs I rec: @elysiansparadise @astrojoy @sunkissedchld @sacerdotessa @astroismypassion @nikolaiiy @venusfun @softuponsoft @duckiemquack, Elysian has so much knowledge (smartest and brightest cc ever) about specific placements and the aspects different planets make. Your spirit embodies the scorpion. Like a Sagittarius Moon + Gemini Moon would make such good friends. ( They may love the idea of decorating their own home together and etc. Do you and your partner have composite Pluto in the 12th house? Rahu in Leo in 12th house will transform Rahu as Sun as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. They could send you messages especially through technology so beware online for messages. Leo venuses will always remind you how much you mean to them and they are very big softies but they dont let people know this easily because the last thing they want is for people to know their soft spots. The Northnode by house and sign placement shows the purpose of the relationship.Often the Northnode is placed in a different sign and house ;7th house in Capricorn.Check both interpretations to understand the purpose.When the Northnode receives harmonious aspects, the goal will be achieved, but when its challenged by lots of hard aspects, it will be difficult to fulfill the purpose. They go through a lot though, I just wanna say I love you. May feel like this relationship stimulates like a job. Venus in taurus tells me you settle once you get that security in someone and when they start acting up you find security in another person like you pack your bags and leave haha no bullshitt from this person. May have private accounts or include very little info about them on media. These natives at times tend to shut down their Venusian traits a bit and they tend to focus a lot on career & their future. Sagittarius + Taurus energy in a chart will make someone who holds their opinions in a very high way and stays loyal to themselves and what they believe in. When the native has Juno in 8th or Scorpio Juno (Not the same but may manifest similarly) their spouse is most likely gonna be a big part of their lives. This house shows how you grow together. They are able to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, and they can form a strong bond of trust. People with Aries in 2nd are respectfully, very bad with their money. The 12th house is the culmination of all that has come before it-it's our last chance, our last ride, and planets there can often go to extremes without knowing why (they can blame it on the limitless nature of Pisces, which respects no boundaries). Our ASC is 27 degrees in Libra and our composite Pluto is 26 degrees Libra. This will be an irreplaceable bond. Master-mind energy. 7th House : Is the house of intimate lovers or open enemies. People who give you advice that you didnt ask for should be looked out for. Gemini placements tend to do things quite fast like eating fast. (As you should!) You are brought to berealistic, disciplined, workaholic, organized this lifetime. Technically, it is created from the mathematical midpoints of the planets between you. They couldve been a father / big masculine role in past lives. But their masterlist u could look thru :D, Tessa I scroll thru their blog a lot. Ive found that natives with this synastry have a one of a kind connection. They have a lot of hidden enemies who dont want them to succeed. Ceres in eleventh house suggests that nurturing comes into your life in many, often unexpected ways. They couldve been someone very helpful / a co-worker in a past life that impacted you. 12th House in Astrology is the House of the Unconscious, like the darkness before the dawn. You are brought here to be eccentric, ahead of your time (you may be able to predict future events), independent, original intelligence. If you have mars in 4th youdefinitely rebel over anything your parents say & argue every day over pointless things at times. People with Sun in 9th / Sun in Sagittarius may make a lot of long distance friends who make them happy. I mean literally, you wake up and you see something that you literally dreamed of. Your spirit embodies the lion. You can count on them to redirect your life with practical choices. A lot may have old cars for example but really updated everything else. (Love yall though). Juno in 7th may result in having a spouse who is a lawyer. They are very good advice givers because of their analytical nature. One parental figure could be seen as better fitting than the other. They tend to love to indulge in self care and love to pamper their emotional inner child which is why they should watch out for their mental health often (tends to be very emotionally sensitive) People tend to obsess over their nurturing and intuitive nature. However, you may have trouble getting over exes especially if you devoted so much love in a particular relationship. The mars person usually takes a more dominant role. There is a dreamy aura about you. A lot tend to have very creative dreams. This is because their sister sign is Aquarius. The sun person will not fail to make the Venus person feel like a goddess. If you can imagine yourself packing a psychic suitcase before bidding all your friends in the other world goodbye and then sliding into the womb, then the 12th house would be the contents of that suitcase. Also leo rising, vv pretty haha, Rat I see on my dash every now and then <3 she give updates on her life (I wish them lots of love) Posted more astro content back when I was more active <3 Sweet, supportive, gives good kpop recs if u like lol. Pisces Venuses / Venus in 12th may attract partners who use substances / likes smoking. do u have any astrology blog recommendations? The love in the relationship may be expressed in more creative and displayable ways. There is often a (minor) secret kept, careful not to repress personal truths. May have a gossipy family & who has all the tea. (At least romantic experiences). capricorn moon / rising women are so beautiful bye every single one ive met had perfect face structure! Mercury : Equally sharing is a theme, learning to see both sides of the same coin. Protects their heart. This explains a lotthe obsession and intensity and transformation. Composite Pluto in the 12th House With Composite Pluto in the 12th house, you may struggle over power and control in ways that aren't obvious. They tend to be stuck to their ideas a lot and tend to be very authoritative about their own belongings and could be somewhat. One or both need to learn objectivity in heated or sentimental conversations. Secrets revealed out of nowhere. Its important to find balance in giving & receiving. if u have this aspect i love you pls dont hate urself, i swear everyone ive met with this aspect had low self esteem :/ pls dont i love you, why do pisces risings look like fairies??!?! Check your midheaven degree for farther insight on career this lifetime! Ive also noticed a lot of Capricorn moons prefer to have small amount of friends that they are at least emotional connected to, they are mostly introverted. Moon : Emotional involvement is a strong theme. Moon- Mars synastry makes the mars individual very protective over the moon person. But they may have the tendency to not trust anything at all. From personal experience Libra risings have somewhat of a hard problem opening up, they have this image of themselves they dont want to be seen different at times. This person when they see something they go get it, especially when it involves money / inheritance. 6th House : Represents where the couple will be tested, in order to handle the outside world. theyre not the type to go over the top, sagittarius mars are usually really protective over their friends, just something ive noticed but theyre really protective + theyre never scared to stand up for themselves or others. Career oriented couples and business partnerships can greatly benefit from this placement. (Vedic Astrology + more on my blog<3), Astarte in the 2nd house will make the native inherit more of the Venusian parts of Astarte more so than the war side. They tend to be very peaceful individuals. They are the definitions of peace makers and their war side is more toned down but believe me dont try to over-step them in anyway because they can be very possessive and dominant and they also have more of the masculine side of Astarte in their character as well. They tend to be very protective over their loved ones. Your spirit embodies the archer. They tend to have advantages when it comes to dealing with enemies / bad things because of their sense of organization and they tend to have their eye out often and notice every little thing and tend to be very. Aquarius risings / Uranus in 1st individuals have really nice taste in fashion, a lot are trendsetters! They have a lot on their minds. Difficult to handle basic things in relationship. Composite 12th house in Cancer= Tells feelings only during bad moments. Where Companion (8490) is in your chart shows the placement that would usually like to be around you often. This is a way to see the energies surrounding breakups. Hard time moving on from the past issues. Moon in Sagittarius individuals are prone to developing emotional connections to people who may live farther than them. Look at what is in your 7th house to see how they may appear. Venus in scorpio have a thing for people wholook bad & have tattos. Personally I think that a water planet in a water house might not really be that bad in general. They are also seen as lucky by others. but they also want things really simple? Relationship may be tested with financial ups and downs, greed, obsession, or they may try to control each others money and values. They will always do small things for one another to remind each other of their love. Hard to be fully peaceful. the Brownings: I see more aesthetics post from them rn but if u look thru their blog good content is there :D, Venus I miss. The 12th house is the house of secret enemies and your actions willtrigger people to work against you. the Venus conjuncts sun as well, I overlooked that. Its important for them to remain optimistic and to remember that there will always be better times for them because if they were to be tore down and its hard for them to get back up so easily and tend to become skeptical. Astarte in the 5th house will make the native very creative and joyful and they tend to love attention from others and validation. Can see things very clearly. Added intensity and passion that Pluto brings here can be very exhilarating for them. If u look at her masterlist she has quality posts <3 (also first astroblr account I followed), Jen has such a great personality and light Brightens my dash so much <3 I havent seen them as active either but quality masterlist and their content is amazing. and they tend to know things and may charm themselves into getting information about things easily. Yall are naturally admired & people close to your circle get good luck. towards where it touches. 2nd/Taurus :Learning stability and sensuality. this can go as far as dropping close friends for their partner & then regretting it. She is connected to fertility, sexuality, war. They tend to be very spiritual and could be a witch. They tend to be very creative and excel in Venusian activities like Arts. I think if one party had their birth time it might be possible. Also leo rising, vv pretty haha, Rat I see on my dash every now and then <3 she give updates on her life (I wish them lots of love) Posted more astro content back when I was more active <3 Sweet, supportive, gives good kpop recs if u like lol, Lenora I really miss. People with Eros (#433) / Venus / Mars in 9th could find themselves getting into hookups in travel or foreign places. Focus should be on respecting individual differences, as well as harmonizing without trying to control one another. Composite 12th house in Taurus= Issues with Stubborness. Maybe a 12th house planet needs more connections to personal planets or the angles, to come to awareness? 3rd House : Is about communication, and how the couple thinks about their environment. It can be great to have this placement, after all an unpredictable event may occur at any time and you won't know when. Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read. People with Gemini in 4th may have a family with a lot of talking & information spread like wildfire. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). Designed to help you in the 1 minute it takes to read them. People with Mercury in 8th have their words as their ultimate weapon. Usually I dont @ people either but later Im going to look back at this post for myself and scroll lol. you could suffer from something (again, general). If they suspect you.. its over.. theyll play their cards right until they get exactly what they need to see. Astarte in Virgo / Astarte in 6th house: Astarte in the 6th house will make the native very analytical and reliable. ( Pisces rising is free clairvoyance, I swear pisces risings are so psychic I cant.. taurus in 3rd/ pisces rising you guys were probably told to speak up a lot because yall voices sound so quiet. like lip gloss!! like theyre like one day okay lets do this.. mission accomplished onto the next thing its like their ego boosts from accomplishments, a lot of scorpio venuses dont get into relationships cuz they know ppl aint shit and their love out this world tbh, pisces venuses all they need is a chill smoke buddy just someone that will love them and chill with them, they rlly dont have high standards, virgo venus culture is going on like 300 dates and still not liking a person, every virgo moon ive met was so nurturing? Venus in 10th individuals can get their info/ photos usen to catfish & etc, people admire them a lot. Because of this youll see people with an, This asteroid is great for ultimate soulmate connections & your best soulmate. The need to see reality for what it is. You are brought down here to learn how to be practical and logical and to have a healthy approach to life. If the native has Juno in 9th they may meet their spouse during college or/ and during higher education. Ex; painting and drawing one another or crafting an item for them. This is the type of placement from a couple that breaks-up for very strange reason. Mercury in scorpio probably makes you seem like more of a scorpio more than any other placement. Profound rebirth through cooperation. Don't focus on the superficial parts of the relationship too much. Active person on my dash and the colors are always so lively. With composite Pluto in 12th house, everything that represents Plutonic energy in a relationship (power plays, emotional transformation, passion, and depth) is interacting through their subconscious minds. This can also at the same time make them addicted & love the internet. By Tiaani - November 27, 2015 - 3 Comments. (No stereotypes.) Taurus Venus in a composite chart often can create a relationship where the individuals feel the need to spoil one another. Though.. they may over-think things like interactions & what to say.. Socializing can get very tiring for them. 10th house Pluto in composite means career, public reputation, dealing with authorities and parental figures is very strong and can be major crises or transformations in this area. They are very protective over their loved ones and dont you dare very crossing someone they love or else youll face their reality. The native and the spouse will have a one-of a- kind bond with each other. They may love to watch mystery shows. This is good. People with Cancer Moon / Rising tend to have people who confide in them easily. People tend to love their creative side and they to have all sorts of talents in the creative realm. a lot of aries risings had freckles? The mars person will do much in their power to protect the moons persons feelings. Sign up for my free newsletter offering astrology forecasts, tips and tricks! Here are some basic info for the signs in the 12th house: Composite 12th in Aries= Karmic issues with anger. Like pisces placements Ive met are soooo weirdd. With this placement, this quality feels hidden from you, and . (Especially Gemini placements), Gemini placements, especially the Mercury may learn sign language. They tend to love the idea of romance and could have high standards, nonetheless they are highly loyal especially when it comes to romantic connections, even if they like to have fun at times, theyre very loyal and charm others easily. This position of Pluto will tend to makeyou dig down to the roots of any problems you are having so that you can work through them. Sagittarius placements hold their beliefs up high. Aurobindo- Richard:Mercury in Gemini in 12th, me and my eldest friend:no 12th house planets, me and the other friend:Sun in 12th house, her and her man:uranus, Pluto in 12th (but no personals). Your spirit guides embody the traits of a sea goat. I have done some research on this degree and it doesnt always mean youll end up evil. Compromise is needed, Taurus : Neat and tidy environments. When a fire venus likes someone they may fill their mind up completely. Earthy relaxed environments. Shared journey of learning. Their sexual appeal is usually very noticeable because they make it seen and they love when other people notice their sexual nature. (Not a serious crush). But also remember your words can back-fire on you a lot making you regret things you have said in the past. Ironically, these people are very good at work and details. Women with Lilith in fire signs may attract people (especially feminine figures / women) who try to tone their spontaneous side. Usually in very loving nurturing environments is when your spirit likes to send messages. Their relationship with their siblings may be good but their siblings could be over-protective over them and somewhat authoritative. If u look at her masterlist she has quality posts <3 (also first astroblr account I followed), Jen has such a great personality and light Brightens my dash so much <3 I havent seen them as active either but quality masterlist and their content is amazing. Issues with Independence. Moon in 12th= Difficulty opening up emotionally to the party. The 12th House and Past Life. Us two were lovers in a past life but from what I gather with NN in 5th house and ruler in 7th house we were meant to be in this life only to clear the karma from the past and to correct the wrong doings from back then. Reading a Composite chart is the same as a birthchart except that it's about two people instead of one. Composite Pluto in the 11th house couple can accomplish a lot by working as a team, if they can avoid controlling each others social life. The couple expresses their love for each other often verbally and has an easier time communicating. Taurus mars are usually very well put together and likes to keep things pretty but simple. However, he doesn't disbelieve in spiritual experiences, because he's curious about everything (Mercury in Virgo wants to know). This position of Pluto will tend to make you dig down to the roots of any problems you are having so that you can work through them. They are impulsive when it comes to you being stupid and could give very direct messages. (Check other placements). (Early education). I never thought about a favourite placement for composite Moon. Therefore, it will be necessary to be honest and upright in your approach to people and make it very clear what yourintentions are in any situation". This is a good placement for doctors, salvage . Theyre also subconsciously able to tell if someone doesnt have their best interest. I have no regrets or complaints about him because even after I do whatever I do, he forgets about it and we're back like best of friends and just taking care of our responsibilities. Giving security to one another is needed as well as balancing the emotions of both people. They are not the type to just settle down with just anyone, they really need to feel the emotional bond between you two. They should be careful however of saying anything that sounds too forceful. (#1108), People with Ceres in Taurus / 2nd house may love the idea of creating a safe space for their loved ones / spoiling them a bit. Venus in Virgo in a composite chart is a very delicate placement. Mercury in libra in a composite chart can also make very flirty individuals, they love to make each other feel good about themselves constantly. The Composite is a mid-point method between the charts of two people, It is the final product of the Synastry. They may specialize in sending you messages in relaxed outdoor settings like a butterfly or a literal bull. ? like they the type to say ill always be here with you and if you wanna talk ever. People with this placement are often drawn to humanitarian work or volunteering. They may be rich or be seen as rich and people may want to spoil them / could attract sugar daddies or mommies. A moon placed in 4th is the best position for settling down and build a home together. People dont forget them easily. You can experiment. Pisces placements because their sister sign is Virgo, also tend to overwork themselves, but in a much more negative way they feel as if they need to achieve something to feel whole. People usually trust Jupiter dominants when it comes to knowledge & information. Venus in Aries may like playing uninterested at times to see if the person is really down for them.

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